Are Cheaters getting Interviews?

Its Me Scammer Destroyer

I wanna ask a question. Are cheaters who kind of tricked MOSS getting called for interviews.
If so its so disheartening

I too have a situation where one user claims he and his friends were called for interview

The user is arpit0891

please read the thread above

he claims he and his friend has been called for interviews from long and cookoffs
while the users profile is filled with solutions where cheating is clearly visible if not yet caught by MOSS

one example would be LCKDSAFE CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

The Community would like to have an honest answer from admin

I know many people in top 50 in division 2 who are still waiting to be called for interview and have no idea what’s happening.

Meanwhile Cheaters are getting interviews

Please Say few words over this @admin as one needs to hear an official answer over this


I am still waiting for a reply
@admin @vijju123 @cubefreak777 @radoslav192 @ssjgz @l_returns

he has been in the list here Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

are u going to let it slide. Its such an easy question. Did he or Did he not receive an interview
@admin not resolving this will be taken as YES by the community.

Not to be rude or something, but what kind of answer are you expecting from them? If you’re expecting something new, forget it, for similar posts have been put up in this forum and have been removed, but the issue remains.

Take my advice, care for yourself. The consequence of their actions will eventually follow up to them. But if you think you’re honest and hardworking, failure can never touch you.


But Someone won’t get interview this year. there’s a cost to opportunity also. what about that.
And yes i don’t think she will answer it to be honest. If they did let him get the interview it will come of as bad for the platform. but Needless to say i have my friend to worked his ass for 10 days to get good score is still to be called for interview and i certainly feel bad.

Its not that hard is it. The person you are recommending for interview atleast you must have opened his solution. Was it too difficult to observe how similar it is with other solutions

and what if someone copied the same solution changed variables but got caught by MOSS. CATCHING ONE IS NOT BAD, BUT THEN LETTING SOMEONE SLIDE IS PARTIALITY.

I can go on but just wait for her to reply

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Then that simply means that maybe path wasn’t decided by destiny. Maybe something better’s planned for him/her. Don’t overthink and remain positive(not of Covid😂)


Yeah Take care during covid 19. Even though the whole of admin team is being overly clueless i would wish them the same

← Not an admin :stuck_out_tongue:


Top Contributor though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your concern is valid. Companies are aware and realize that there could be some cheaters in the ranklist; hence, they take it with a pinch of salt and have measures to ensure that they don’t hire the wrong candidate eventually or decrease their hiring efficiencies. This being said, getting direct interview calls could be a function of your current location, projects, or other relevant details in your resume. But as various community members said, we still try for the opportunities we care about.


Even if they cheat also on online contest what will they do in live interview then.


I don’t know if they do. But what I can say as a fellow contestant, use this platform for gaining knowledge. Ik most people use CC for getting past the interviews, but the knowledge one gains while solving the problem is what matters.


Chill out bro.

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Yes, they are getting. I don’t want to name, but I know few guys who cheated and got interview calls from bytedance and codenation after getting good ranks in Long challenges. Companies cannot simply wait for months for plag checking right.

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My friend had top 50 rank in div 2 but de didn’t got called

Thats very unfortunate. Maybe companies were taking CV’s too into consideration. Those guys has ~50-75 ranks in respective long challenges.

Yeah i guess. In one of the long challenges he had rank under 20 but still he has to listen back from them