Are we not allowed/not supposed to see solutions for DSA learning series?

I am trying to see how others have solved a problem, are we not allowed to see a solution submitted by another candidate? Please suggest, I am new to CP and this platform.

You are allowed to see the solution. Just go to the particular question you want to see the solution for and click on all submissions at the right side of the page. You’ll get the list and the click on view button on the solution you want to view.

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Thank you @nikhil0203 but, I am seeing the View button greyed out for me. Attaching an image with highlighted portion. This happens for all the problems.

As far as I have observed, for DSA-Learners, we can view the solutions only after we have submitted the correct answer ourselves. But if you are facing any issue with your code you can ask in the Discussion Forum.

I can view them without even submitting any answers.

I see you haven’t submitted any correct answer on codechef till now. I guess that is the problem ,try submitting a correct answer to any question and then view it. Maybe this would work.

Hi @apjo2009,
Can you share which contest/question this is? It should be enabled ideally.

I think contests whose online discussion is completed, then only you can see other sol

@nikhil0203 I have solved the first few problems for week1 successfully. And after submitting/before submitting I was able to see the solutions too in the past month or so.Adding my contributions image

. Why we dont see those contributions on my profile page, I guess I dont know why, seems like Codechef will have to suggest something here?

Hello @techie_pals This is happening for all of the series. Did not check for the next series.

all the submissions are closed for viewing as this is an ongoing contest but if you really want to see a solution you should go to the original problem page submissions…
for example if you want to see a solution for contest question
you can see on this

@anukul6093 and others i see, I understand now, it just felt weird to see button titled All Submissions next to a problem included in an ongoing contest right? As far I am concerned, I do like to know how are other folks submitting their solutions and their algorithms, but I guess, I will have to just go with the flow! Thank you to all the folks who answered my dumb question! really appreciate it.

I’ve fixed this and made solutions public for this contest. Also, as the problems of DSA Learning Series are from the existing practice section, hence we have explicitly made the solutions public for this ongoing contest.

Additionally, the problems solved are not visible on your user profile page as the contest is not directly listed as a public contest on page.

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Hi @techie_pals I am not able to see others solution, even if I have submitted a correct AC solution to the problem.


Are you able to view it now?

No. It is the same even now.