Are we really competing against someone in 'CodeArena' of Hackerearth?

I’ve recently started participating in the ‘CodeArena’ 1-to-1 fight. However, not a single opponent has ever managed to submit even a partially correct solution in any of the fights I’ve participated in.

Some days ago, while ‘fighting’, I saw my opponent compiling his code and then submitting it only to get a WA in all the test cases. The problem was far too easy to get a WA. I tried to locate his submission after the fight, but couldn’t find it.

My suspicion increased when I looked into their profiles. All of them “hasn’t added any details yet.” Each profile name has the syntax: <first_name><last_name>, sometimes followed by another and/or a random number.

Eg. Yesterday, I fought against someone called Niranjan Kumar (Niranjan Kumar | Developer Profile on HackerEarth.). Problem was Choosing the Judges; a standard DP problem. My opponent compiled his code, then submitted, and obviously got a WA.

alt text

After contest ends, I find the problem, view the “All submissions” page and… Wow, my opponent is non-existent.

alt text

I admit I am new in Hackerearth, and I must not bluntly accuse someone; but am I really missing anything?


I can not tell if every account is legit but I remember losing to an opponent once, I just missed some minor edge case and got WA in a few test cases, so after the arena fight ended I had a one-one to conversation with the opponent in inbox about what I missed.

Here is a screenshot of the conversation(I have hidden the name of the sender for obvious reason)

![alt text][1]

But then again this is just one case, I too have my suspicions for the exact same reason, of the matches I have played I lost only one of them and rest were either wins or draws(and this is considering that I am bad at Competitive Programming, so there is no way I could have won most of them). So, are those accounts legit or just some bots playing around? I don’t know but hope someone can put better insight.


I think there are some bots competing against us. I just looked into my fight history on CodeArena. I have had 9 fights till now and 6 of the opponents have their name as per the syntax you described. Also, I looked into the submissions on the problem page and their submissions weren’t there. Also, none of them has a profile picture and they haven’t submitted a single solution yet according to their profile. I have won 5 fights and all of them are against 5 opponents out of these 6. The fight against the remaining 1 out of these 6 was a timed out. For the rest 3 opponents, they have at least some information on their profile and their submissions even show up on the problem page. Also, none of those 6 opponents is following anyone but 4 of them have some real followers. Strange!


I recently fought with someone. When i tried to check their profile , this is what i saw.Person's profile doesn't exists !


yeah,i also noticed that today :frowning:

18 fights, and I still haven’t encountered a single coder, whose username doesn’t follow the syntax…

Hey, wait… There should be an ‘@’ before ‘mukul.chandra’

Still, no details filled…:frowning:

yeah I have same doubt as I never lose any match on code arena

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Most of the time its bot,but we do get real coders sometimes(i got hemant once(obviously lost to him :slight_smile: ))


Wow, so even getting paired with a human opponent depends on luck !!!

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I can explain to you why so many of these people have <first>.<last>[integer] as their name. When I created my account on HackerEarth, I signed up with Google account. Apparently it automagically generates your name based on your Gmail account so mine also ended up in that format, and I didn’t bother looking to change it.

We do compete against someone many a times, cause I’ve competed against my roommate several times, a thing we do by simultaneously pressing fight button :sweat_smile:


Hey @sarthakmanna, I have been practicing problems on Hackerearth for the past few months and have had some one to one fights at the Code-Arena platform you are concerned about.

Me and a friend of mine managed to fight in the same game by searching opponents at the same time. So, all I can say is that the platform allows users to compete against each other for sure but I don’t know whether there can be a possibility of a virtual fight only.

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Can I see the other person’s/bot’s solution after the challenge is over? I didn’t see any such option there.

Alright I am new to this competitive coding too, I don’t seem to understand how one should present the test cases, my method gives the right output but the during submission it says that the output doesn’t match even though when I try compiling it in my local IDE it works.
Is there some way to code the output so that the judge can understand it? please tell me i have been getting correct answers but it ends up not being understood??

Hey, I am reading this post after long time it was posted. But I was just curious about it. @sarthakmanna I also fought against Niranjan Kumar

and @amulyagaur111 I also fought with mukul.chandra
so I think there are bots playing. Though I lost to one person, so there are some human players also.

Some times , even after passing all the testcases, you lose because score doesnt add . Hackerearth sucks.

I recently participated on CodeArena and I had passed all the test cases before the opponent but still I didn’t win the round . Instead out of 14 test cases, I passed 16/14 out of them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. How is that even possible.

Can anyone tell me how to see answer to these problems…??? if by chance you can’t solve it or you lose the fight…then how to know the answer…???