At Coder Beginner contest 144 (D-Water Bottle)

Problem Statement

Takahashi has a water bottle with the shape of a rectangular prism whose base is a square of side a cm

and whose height is b cm

. (The thickness of the bottle can be ignored.)

We will pour x cm3

of water into the bottle, and gradually tilt the bottle around one of the sides of the base.

When will the water be spilled? More formally, find the maximum angle in which we can tilt the bottle without spilling any water.


  • All values in input are integers.

  • 1≤a≤100

  • 1≤b≤100* 1≤x≤a2b


Input is given from Standard Input in the following format:

a b x


Print the maximum angle in which we can tilt the bottle without spilling any water, in degrees. Your output will be judged as correct when the absolute or relative error from the judge’s output is at most 10−6


Sample Input 1

2 2 4

Sample Output 1


This bottle has a cubic shape, and it is half-full. The water gets spilled when we tilt the bottle more than 45


Sample Input 2

12 21 10

Sample Output 2


This bottle is almost empty. When the water gets spilled, the bottle is nearly horizontal.

Sample Input 3

3 1 8

Sample Output 3


This bottle is almost full. When the water gets spilled, the bottle is still nearly vertical.

Question :

I need help with this question and if someone helps with the diagram and proof, that will be more helpful.
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firstly when water is about to spill it must be horizontal to surface, plus when the amount of water is >=half of capacity of jug then scenerio to calculate volume/volumes is different than if water is less than half of jug’s volume… consider both cases differently to write equations

A direct messaging feature should be introduced here, so you can ask questions to whoever you want to ask directly

check here :


wouldn’t this just increase chance for cheating in on going contests?

Read the editorial on the website
it doesn’t use geometry it’s easier to understand

Do you give out solutions to people who ask you on Whatsapp…no you don’t
You don’t wanna lose rating due to plagairism, and you respect the code of conduct of codechef contests.
I’ve seen, no one answers questions related to live contests.

Those who do pass solutions during live contests, they have a lot of other options to do so, like email, etc

So, the messaging feature doesn’t make any difference in cheating during live contests, it actually would help a lot, reducing the mess of irrelevant posts here

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