ATM code problem beginner

i have just started coding i ran this code on replit it works, i also ran this code on codechef it works but when i submit the code it gives run time error i can’t understand why here is my code

bal =float(input())
if x >=2000:
    print("you cannot make this transaction it exceeds the withdrawl limit choose any amount 2000 or below thank you for your co-operation")
elif x<0:
    print("please enter correct amount")
     if x%5==0:
         if x< bal:
             bal = bal - x-0.50
             print ("you have successfully withdrawn              USD :", x )
             print("your current balance is :",bal )
             print("you cannot make withdrawl,    insufficient balance :", bal)
         print("kindly re-enter amount in 5 or multiples")

hello brother,
are you talking about this: ?
if yes then you must have to print only output in integer if you write any other thing you got error.
see this my java solution:

I only print answer nothing else like you print in print statement you can remove it then try.

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thank you will try to do the same

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