Attempt any past contest without getting any unintentional information about the problems beforehand

This is a follow-up of this post.

A past contest’s page shows number of successful submissions and accuracy for all problems. For a user who attempts the problem-set later, the stats shown can unintentionally influence him/her to solve a particular problem before others.
This extension sets these stats to zero so that the user can get a feel of a live contest.

How to install?

Download the extension.

  1. Open chrome://extensions/ in chrome browser.
  2. Drag-and-drop the .crx file on the above page in Google-Chrome.

FireFox Alternative
(A GreaseMonkey script)


How to drop the .crx file on the extension page…

Why have another question on this? Is there something new that you are asking or informing the users here?

@anup sir, This extension is to hide previous submissions and statistics of contest problems while that one was to bring a submit button on the problem page.

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@anup As @kcahdog pointed out, this isn’t a duplicate. Please consider removing “The question has been closed for the following reason: Duplicate of …”.

Ah, I see. Sorry about not seeing the details. Since this is an extension of the previous one, can the functionality not be combined in the same extension?

the 2 have different functionalities. I installed the previous one but not this one.Depends on choice of each one. I think it is better to keep them separate.

Follow this link.