AUG 18 Long Challenege(I hate MOSS System)

I genuinely did the whole question myself and completely devoted my time for the long challenge and solved 4 questions completely and one question partially, but suddenly today I saw plagiarism for my code. I put my 10days of hardwork.I hate MOSS system.

All my Points are wasted.I feel so unmotivated to participate in upcoming contest.

Can you appeal against it?
If not, then well played dude :frowning: My deepest condolences

Actually Plagiarism is for my MSNSADM1 code (Easy Problem).Even I solve it in a First Attempt.

Following mail, they sent to me
Hi ajitshiva,

We found few of your codes in August Challenge 2019 Division 2 to be similar with one another user’s submissions. We have disqualified all your submissions. Your rating will be dropped by 275 points as penalty. Here are the solutions we found to be similar:

It is of the form {link1 - link2}, {link3 - link4} which means that link1 and link2 have been found to be similar (of which, one would be a link to your solution), and link3 and link4 have been found to be similar, and so on. If you have been caught in only one pair, you’ll only see two links.

Let us know, if you think you are being wrongly penalized due to the false positive that MOSS has thrown. However, before you do that kindly go through our CodeChef Code Of Conduct and our blog post on the cheating saga below and make sure that knowingly or unknowingly, you have not violated any of those points :

Please do not write back or approach us if you have violated any of the rules. If you do so, your explanation won’t be considered and we might also block your account without any intimation. Additionally, ensure that you don’t repeat the mistake as your account will be deactivated if caught on second instance.

Note: If your solutions of other contests have been also removed than it is due to being caught under plagiarism for those contests as well.

Team CodeChef

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No use posting here. Mail them.

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Did you use any other functions you found online or any method? If not so, then I guess appealing would clear this out.

Did you use Ideone for running codes? If you did then i would suggest please use Codechef IDE instead.

well, I genuinely think , that if some code is one liner, or have few lines, then if there are 20000 accepted submissions, there can be some similar codes. They shouldn’t be penalized for that.


To all the newbies, keep a coding template when you code. Simple problems might have simple implementation which might match with someone. That’s why personalize the body of your code.

For example :-

Even though this is not a one line implementation,this is my way of code writing and my code stands out from rest :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a blank template for inspiration. Use it to make your own


Straight forward problems must not be included in MOSS.
Simple programs can’t differ much from standard implementation.


If you cant even read the simple lines of the email which say “You can appeal against it if you feel this is a false positive from the system” then I think there are bigger things you should be worried for than a mere -275 rating loss.