August Lunchtime 2020 - many video editorials (most of div. 2 etc)

Hi! I’ve recorded a screencast that includes video solutions for the problems MODEFREQ, ELOMAX, ARRGAME, ALIENIN, CNTGRP, ELEVATR (50 points), and SHENQ (50 points) (meaning all of div. 2 except for full ELEVATR). The video is here and there are timestamps for everything in the description.

I try to make them as detailed as possible and mix in implementation details with solution ideas, but still, feel free to ask questions or leave feedback if something’s unclear. As a note, these are unofficial, and will probably differ from the solutions of the real editorials.


we want facecam, if you agree like this comment



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bad meme

Look, it’s not my fault everule doesn’t post the required number of image s

CNTGRP problem looks cakewalk in your screencast :raised_hands:
This screencast is better than typed editorials.

in alien invasion I also thought of using binary search but my implementation and logic was bit different.

I set the start as minimum value of the array and end as maximum value of array + d now we have to shoot n-1 (as we can shoot 1 spaceship at start time) spaceships in this time interval, but i got WA(samples were fine). What’s wrong in this approach?

very nice and detailed. Also +1 for facecam :slight_smile: #evilrule