Automated Contest Reminder App for Codechef & others


Have you ever tried to stay consistent in giving contests on different platforms? It’s difficult for those who have started recently. I recently made an Android app to help newbies never to miss any contest. You can set reminders manually that’s ok but what if even you forget to set reminders? My app will do it for you. Even if you don’t set reminders for any contest this will still remind you of the contest in three ways:

  1. Home screen widget which will show two upcoming contests on Codeforces.
  2. Permanent notification will show two upcoming contests which you can’t remove until you turn it off from the settings.
  3. Automated Reminder which will set reminders for the upcoming contest for you. You even don’t need to open the app to do anything.

Here is the link to the PlayStore:

More features coming soon with a lot of automation and advancement.