Awesome Project Ideas for Developers | Resume-building | FInal Year Project

Awesome Project Ideas for Developers | Resume-building | FInal Year Project

Building development projects is essential to become a better software engineer. It also helps your resume in the shortlisting process.

I’ve listed down some basic project ideas to start with followed by big projects that might help you learn and get a job.

First let’s look at the things that you should not do. Most students do the following and their resumes never get shortlisted. Most common projects rarely add anything to your resume and might leave a bad impression as well.

  • Do not copy someone else’s code from GitHub and show it as your project.
  • Do not create a project that uses 10 lines of library code. Most students do this for ML/AI projects.
  • Do not look for “resume-worthy” projects. To get your resume shortlisted, you need to have projects that help your resume stand-out when compared to other applicants. Building a common project won’t help you stand-out.
  • ML/AI projects are not the coolest projects for your resume. It has become too mainstream to help you stand-out.

You can go through the list of projects here: Awesome Project Ideas for Software Developers | Resume

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