Awesome resource for DS and Algorithms

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i just want to share this link which consists of all the links and resources on different topics of Competitive Programming Data Structures and Algorithms

Google Chrome Extension for Ongoing and Upcoming Programming challenges which is very nice and also useful

and one more great and useful thing in this Algowiki is that there is a toolkit called Spoj-Toolkit which is a tool for SPOJ users to match the different outputs of their SPOJ problem solution with the correct output provided by the Toolkit.

Also book named Competitive Programming by Steven-Halim is completely about Competitive Programming
U can find it’s e-book in the below link.

Also, below is one more link from codechef forum which has almost all topics for Ds and algorithms.

Graph Algorithms in Competitive Programming

Learn Competitive Programming

Must Known algorithms for online programming contests

How to improve and how to train: Kuruma’s personal experience and humble request

List of all algorithms needed for ACM-ICPC

Use of STL libraries in C++


Good resources or tutorials for dynamic programming besides the TopCoder tutorial

Mastering DP

Dynamic Programming

Examples of basic DP problems

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Whoa!! Thanks @saiavinashiitr for mentioning it here …

AlgoWiki - All the links and resources on different topics of Computer Science

Project is in beta and I’ll be adding more links there soon!

Topics that we have covered till now

  • All about Competitve-Programming
  • Algoriths and Their Implement from different sources
  • Free Algorithm Books
  • Free Data Science Book pdfs
  • Machine Learning
  • C~pdf books and websites
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Interview Preparation
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript Guide

You can also contribute to it, if you have any good link to different topics, videos, articles, pdfs you can add to it.

  • Project on GitHub - [AlgoWiki-GitHub][1]
  • Read about our Contribution page - [Contribution][2]
  • Project Webpage as mentioned - [AlgoWiki][3]

I’m working on AlgoWiki website and it’ll be up soon! Where you’ll be able to search, add links and edit my repo till then just bookmark my webpage get the best links of your topic!!

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[1]: GitHub - vicky002/AlgoWiki: Repository which contains links and resources on different topics of Computer Science.
[2]: Contribution · vicky002/AlgoWiki Wiki · GitHub
[3]: AlgoWiki - Building Knowledge Repositories


thanks for the links !! really in need of those resources

Nice… It’s really helpful. This link should be quite useful as well.

DS and Algo + Competitive Programming - All you need

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Hello Friends!

This is a good link check it out from Quora.
List of all algorithms needed for ACM-ICPC

This is another one from mimino on topcoder on Dynamic programming.

Hi @saiavinashiitr, Thanks a lot for mentioning Challenge Hunt here!

Challenge Hunt is a chrome extension which shows you all the active and upcoming challenges from around 25 programming contest websites including but not limited to CodeChef, TopCoder, HackerEarth, HackerRank, CodeForces, Kaggle and the likes. It has the following features:

  • View all the active and upcoming challenges
  • Filter out your preferred platforms and view challenges from them only
  • Set reminders on upcoming challenges

Want to know more?

Thank you for this information you are providing .

Terima kasih dan salam kenal.
codechef Link

code Link

Terima kasih dan salam kenal.
codechef Link

code Link

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Nice. Very Interesting. One can also try this :

And also try Project Euler for Algorithmic & Mathematical Puzzles. I have been active in this platform from quite some time. And the problem collection is really nice & thought provoking !! So do check out : Archived Problems - Project Euler

Can someone link the competitive programming 3 ebook. Need it desperately . please send me the same if u can


i have provided the dropbox link for that book.
All the best!

This is the edition 2 of the book . I meant the latest edition . 3rd one .If u can provide it ,it can be very helpful

again by ne only :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for mentioning it here!

added those two links.Thnx @drift_king :slight_smile: