Bad Experience in Code Blooded 2.0

I will post this immediately after the contest ends.

There are 2 major drawbacks of this contest:
First, the problem Abhay and his plan. There is some error in the test cases which was not resolved even after 1 hr of the contest, I don’t know if it is resolved now or not, and after I submitted a code with try and except functions, it passed, before that it was showing runtime error. Still, the main thing is that the test cases are too weak that even this solution of mine where I print the max of sums of odd and even indices, that I tried after 5 to 10 times, just to see whether it works or not(using try and except functions) got accepted. Whereas the original idea is this the famous Robber’s House problem.

The second major problem is with the time limit of the last question, it is 0.15 sec, I will link the original problem with its intended solution and I hope there seems no more explanation. Original Problem:

Lastly, I even contacted the first person mentioned in the prizes pdf.
We chatted on WhatsApp and I showed him the error with the proof, but nothing was done before my 3 hours got finished, and I don’t know if it is resolved or not. This was so not up to the mark. After completion of 3 hours, you can’t even access the problems so I am unable to link them along right now. Sorry for that.

A contest with huge prize money with these things upsets me.

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