Bad test case in Positive AND(POSAND) from oct long

Problem setter messed up the input. I was constantly getting runtime error for the task #1.
They did put extra spaces (whereas, there should not be any spaces) in the input of N. And when I took care of that, my code passed all the test cases. I solved using java. Open to any suggestions for over coming these situations.

even the test case of replace x were faulty, my code full of bug got AC. here’s my solution

but one good thing was problem statement were short this time, hope that setter continue this on… :star_struck:

I wasted a good amount of time finding the bug and then finding the problem was not on my end. They should be really careful about these things. this is the least thing you expect during a long.


Yes, I don’t know why, the inputs are not formatted according to the format.