bad test case in problem code CHOCOPRO

according to the question
i should be able to distribute 1 chocolate among 1 person such that its in arithmetic progression

also for people 4 and 1 chocolate answer should be ‘N’

a program which shows N for 1 and 1 and crashes for 4 1 is accepted
you can see code here at (

lol very bad experience.

I literally wasted hours on one problem

Was not worth it

also my solution is correct except this case

cant believe it

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even I thought so

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N>=3 in the constraints. :expressionless:

I faced problems with only first two.

The first question was very easy but i was getting WA, i immediately knew there was some issue with the tests. So i moved to second but the statement was unclear :joy:. But then i think they updated it so my WA changed into AC . And 3rd 4th were okay

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As N>=3 is in the constraints, the testcase for N=1 wouldn’t exist. Apart from that, addressing the quality of the contest, I know that it was not upto the mark in many ways and it was haphazardly put together. I sincerely apologise for that. We will look at all the things that went wrong in designing the problems and make sure to improve on it.


bro for n>=3 the answer is correct. it only tells the test cases does not contain n less than 3. I hope its clear now

yeah realized it now. I should have just printed N for 1 1. But according to the question its possible to distribute 1 choco among one friend

also it would have been nice it was mentioned to print N for N<3 so that not to confuse, since during one cannot apprehend how 1 1 would not be Y 1

But apart from this i liked the effort you guys put in the contest. Thanks

the test cases shown in example 10 2. what about that

" Note : If multiple answers are possible for a particular test case, then consider the solution where the starting number of chocolates i.e the number of chocolates received by the first friend is minimum."

I saw your solution ( )
For testcase

1000 5

Your solution outputs Y 198
If we consider an AP, that would mean A0 = 198, d = 1
i.e Your solution would distribute the chocolates as 198, 199, 200, 201, 202

The correct answer is Y 2
If we consider an AP, that would mean A0 = 2, d = 99
i.e The correct distribution of the chocolates is 2, 101, 200, 299, 398 as here the value of A0 is minimum

Hence the WA

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I am sorry you feel that way. I know there were issues in other problem but as far as I see, this problem is correct.

The constraints state N>=3. We do not have any testcase in the input files where N < 3 .
The WA was not due to N < 3

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appreciate it

Thanks for pointing out my blunder