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(maybe don’t call the post “Ban China”)


Are they banning them?

what a clickbait smh


So do you want to ban them or not ?? either change the title or edit the post.

I read only the title XD

if this is the case then please ban them before July contest ends. :grin:


First of all change the title of the post…

Codechef is a private not for profit initiative which brings an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY of coders together… If you notice the top 10 coders on this platform are not even from India.

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@aroaryan1 you are right, but post creator want’s that on codechef top 10 user should be from india.

Even if Codechef wants users from India and promotes Indians
It by any means does not disqualify/ban/suspend user accounts on the basis of caste/creed/race/gender.
Accounts are only banned when a user has plagiarized in a contest.

Post has Title Ban China.
Post says not to ban China.
** insert Confused sounds.

On a serious note, codechef discuss section has more shit posts than actual questions.


Quite True

Is Codechef banning people from China? My side of view is that they shouldn’t be banned. Most of the programmers from China are just like the others, doing nothing but coding for a long time to become better and to improve their ratings. I know that the conflict has risen in the border, but my point here is that we cant tell programmers can be the reason it happens right! I feel guilty for those people who were removed. But, as I already said, this is just my side of view.

DIV 1 top scorer is from China…so I dont think so.

what a cheap way to increase contributions

This man has mastered the art of click baiting, smh my head.

Downvote” button should be provided . Plz @admin consider this request.


After click on the post and while reading -

Screenshot_2020-07-08 ajeeb chutiya hai - Google Search

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There are no such bans.

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