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this is my code


Approach i used is: if (n<12) max_value=n, else: max_value = calc_max(n/2) + calc_max(n/3) + calc_max(n/4) **along with saving the entries in HashMap with each value of n**

Test cases mentioned above have passed, but the problem is when I submit this code, it gives me TLE.

I ran the code in my local system, gave output of 4243218150, for input: 1000000000 in around 30 seconds.

Can you or anyone help me out here ?


Consider N=48,
Then You need calculate calc_max( 24) + calc_max(16) + calc_max(12)
Then again for calc_max(24) You need to calculate calc_max( 12) + calc_max(8) + calc_max(6)
For calc_max(16) = > calc_max( 8) + calc_max(5) + calc_max(4)
calc_max(12) => calc_max( 6 ) + calc_max(4) + calc_max(3) and so on…

Note : You are calculating same values of N for multiple time like 12, 8, 6 etc, consuming more time, resulting TLE.
So, When You Calculate a calc_max(K), store it in array / dictionary.
After that, when you see for a value K, their value is already calculated, just use that value instead of calculating again and again.

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I was storing the values in HashMap, but was not exiting from recursive function, even after getting value from map, i was going through whole function, few print statements made that clear, thanks :slight_smile:

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