Be smart and save time in CP

One of the major factor if competitive programming is “Speed”. Two people solving same number of questions can have major rank difference. Every minute counts! Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way.

So in order to increase your speed in CP contests, it is very important you are coding in right environment and using right tools.

I have made a video on how you can set up perfect CP programming environment using sublime text 3 and C++17 on Windows. Even if you compete in other languages, I would still urge you check out my latest YouTube video where I setup the above mentioned environment from scratch.

I hope you will enjoy it!

YouTube Link -


Best is to use CP editor

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CP editor?

For people like me who are on windows and are too lazy to do all that complicated installation stuff, just install WSL2(Windows Subsystem for Linux) and use it with sublime, it literally takes 5 minutes to set up everything from scratch and you don’t have to install different compilers for different languages ever again. Only thing you have to make sure for using sublime is to write the build file correctly.

Nice Video, I didn’t knew about setting up the snippets.


I did not know that something like that exists! Thank you will surely check it out!