Become a CodeChef College Chapter Leader!

Hello Coders,

If you’re reading this, it is because we know you love programming. How about taking your love for programming to the next level? Let’s introduce you to CodeChef College Chapters, in case you didn’t know about it! A programming club that works towards building a thriving coding culture on campuses through workshops, interactions, mentorships, competitive programming, and a lot more - that’s a College Chapter for you.

At the helm of all the buzz, there’s a Chapter Leader who takes charge of the whole affair. We’re looking for such passionate students who can step forward and lead their college into a coding haven with CodeChef. Read our blog to know if you are the right person to be a leader.

We’re looking forward to building a thriving programming community with you. Here’s how you register:

  1. Form a team of 4
  2. Get your faculty on board
  3. Fill the form & Apply

We hope you are amped enough to take action fast because the deadline is 5th October 2020, and the clock is ticking!

  • Smruti (Team CodeChef)
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