here is the solution check it out.
two vs ten

area or perimeter

how much scholarship

average number

** Is it a VOWEL or CONSONANT**

chef and price control
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Make solutions for some good quesions , if u wanna really post …please .

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The editorial tag is reserved for official editorials.


ok …
currently i’m posting new one’s
gimme some time.
i have already posted more than 20 questions solution…
you can check it out .
link is here…

so which tag should i use…
can you suggest please
that would be helpful

Perhaps tutorial or general.

I would recommend to spend your time doing something else as you can see the community does not like your content, by the number of likes you are getting.

Perhaps try harder questions?

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thank you…
bro… for helping me out.
actually i was thinking what should i try…
to post .
now i will post the difficult ones but…
it’ll take time