Bend the code - movie shooting sat sun guwahati

He wants to win the city code championship. He starts and current goes. Then he runs to cafe and submits. Comes back to hostel and finds he got zero.

Crestfallen, he joins club x, to learn. Club x wanted to defeat Club hackatron. He learns about dp, graph and cant sleep at night feeling the high, practices like fire … (flashes of diagrams when he practices)…

They reached the finals in city code championship. And lose to hackatron. Our hero totally crestfallen now, goes to the himalayas/jungle to become a monk, retired from city world. He meets a hermit there, “empty your mind”. He empty his mind and he got the solution of the last finals where the lost in flashes, and next time wins the city programming championship with club x.

Anyone from guwahati wanna do it , I mean act on sat sunday… Flexible we can plan it. No camera will use mobile phone. Then show trailer to crowdfunding buy camera and go to movies? Please reply here, if anyone interested? Two rappers already in, they will be expressive, Hindi Movie !

Remember: Netherlands world cup team was part timer, when they were new.