Bennett university's 'show me the code' competition div 2

dear admins, here you go the copied codes again at least you can do is to block this account users who r here for doing nothing but to make us depressed and to increase our ranks even in unrated and rated contests, how long will u not take action we r all waiting
just see how much injustice is gning on
maybe bennett university people thought show me the code means to copy
wonderful wonderful university
and if u see u will get more and more…



sir i have also raised this concern on couple of times but there is no action taken becasue of such accounts only people are facing sadness and depression due to ranks falling down and all so i want to re raise it in the discussion. please consider this

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sir they are doing this things in all the competitions please suspend them so that they can not participate in the next competitions which will be unfair to other users who work hard on their own hardwork and perserverance.
thank you sir with all the respect i am telling, i dont want to insult any univerity or college or any user but just as an example but i had to take a name specifically as this is happening more in this particuler place

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