Best book for C++ STL Library.??

I want to learn some inbuilt function and their proper syntax in C++ provided by the STL…!
please suggest me a link or a good book which emphasises on specially STL and inbuilt functions in C++ as it really helps in solving questions and enhances the execution time of the program.!


No need for any books :slight_smile:


AFAIK C++ doesn’t have inbuilt functions. The functions are provided through libraries.

Apart from C libraries (like math), C++ has STL.

A free and online book for learning STL, and more advanced C++ is C++ Annotations.

BTW, @back2basics, has said it right that you don’t need a book for STL. Just Google for some container or algorithm and first few links will direct you to either C++ Reference or

Also there is a tutorial on Topcoder for STL


Any video lectures or tutorial for the same

Along with the resources above, you can check Rachit Jain’s channel as well as Takeuforward channel for C++ STL. After that, you can move on to CodeNCode for further resources

For C++,
Competitive Programmer’s Handbook by Antti Laaksonen is the best.
It has topic-wise short and simple explainations.

For STL library, refer chapter 4.
Only those 10 pages are sufficient to get brief knowledge about STL.

Here is the direct link of its pdf:

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After studying basics?
How should I proceed further for practise?