Best Competitive Coding Books Available online for free

I found these books very useful, for coders like me and many of us which find some difficulty in competitive programming.
Below are the links for free competitive coding books which contain almost complete algorithms as they are written by ACM-ICPC finalist, and IOI finalists.

  1. CP3 book by steven halim
  2. competitive programmers handbook by antti laaksonen
  3. Narsimha - Karumanchi(for DSA)

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β€œCP3 book by stevem halim” is not free.

But bro i downloaded PDF for free . from above link :smile:

Every heard of torrent?
Something thats available there does not mean free.

And I that was free why would someone use his cc laddus to buy CP3?

But if it is available free PDF version on net , then i think there is no problem to read the book , correct me if i m wrong.