Best Editor to write C++ program?

Which is the best editor for writing programs in c++.Currently i use DevC++. i want editor in which i could set a predefined template so that i dont have to type macros and include libraries again and again?

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You can set predefined template in devc++ too.Go to the tools->editor->defaultsource->(paste ur template there)

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The autocorrect features are good in sublime text but it is only an editor but not a compiler…It is also good for templates…

But I strongly suggest you go for “Atom”…

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Code Blocks is one of the best ide for everyone,whether a beginner too.
DevC++ is not maintained and is buggy.Code::Blocks uses the GCC (if installed).
(Optional) Alternate: NetBeans is also good.
(Optional) You can also use gVim(download : vim online) for an IDE. If you can edit the configuration file (.vimrc file for Linux, and _gvimrc for Windows.), it is equally good. There are plugins that can be installed where “intellisense like” feature can be had in gVim.

+1 for Atom. This is the greatest option for template programming in C and C++ for Mac. All my developers from handmadewritings are using Macs so they are in love with Atom!

I used to use CLion at a time, it was a cool IDE. You have to pay for it though.

More info here

codeblocks would be a good option. However atom looks magnificent. You have to install additional packages in case of atom and install the g++ compiler as well.
You will have to manually set the environment variable so that g++ is recognised at the command prompt!.

if You are working under a Linux or any other version of Linux, Atom would be good.

However, if you wish to avoid the hardwork of installing the compiler and packages manually.

codeblocks would be best!

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I prefer codeblocks or DevC++ for C++. I find atom a bit complicated to setup. Also CodeChef IDE is a great alternative.

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Here are pros and cons of using # include bits/stdc++.h header.
I would recommend you to add your own snippets in the sublime-text editor.
This will surely increase your productivity.Know more about it here.

Happy Coding!

For libraries, I recommend that you simply use


does simply importing this imports all necessary stl libraries??
if not what specific headers are to be imported seprately.

thanks @shantanu101996 i was not aware about this:)