Best language for coding

I just want to know which language will be best for me for coding in future.
I just know basics of c,c++,java and somewhat phython.
Suggest me the best langauage which i should make strong.


C++ is the way to go my friend

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Learn all of them…All are beautiful in there own way

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C++ for competitive coding (and a lot more), Python for ML/DL/AI/Web, Java for college :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: do c++ then go for python and java, they are all important


For competitive programming, C++ is most popularly used. Java is second popular choice. Python is slower than C++ and Java.
For development purposes, like data science and stuff, python is most popular choice.
But python is quite easier than C++ so learning C++ would be better choice in my opinion.

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Best language if you want to

  • communicate then English
  • do competitive programming then c++ (but i use java for no specific reason)
  • learn ML, data science then python (jst to learn, real world products are not designed in py)
  • work on sophisticated web,android apps then java(spring, hibernate)
  • do timepass then learn Chicken or Brainfuck

lua is a easy language to learn and roblox uses it in it’s games. It is a good language for creating video games I heard.

@gourav_02 I see people here far genius than me given u nice suggestion, but language is never barrier. What is more important that y u want to learn, because evry language holds it’s own importance. However choosing anything of them is never a solution.
I can give u example. During college 1st year project we used to use c++ or c for literallly very small projects like graph calculator( :blush:) and after 3 rd semester we learnt java and its frameworks… then we used to do our mini projects with java because developing application seemed more easy in this. After that advance java and java script , although is more alike java but yet during networking or layered project we used to use these languages or for website design . After 2nd year in 5th sem we used to learn R(one of the languages for data science combination of c++ and python) it helped us learning in data manipulation and handling on real time basis. After that we learnt Big data Analytics and Machine learning… where we learnt python. And i still love this language mainly because of its libraries for many advanced ML algorithm , i designed intrusion detection system along with tjermal imaging. While doing this i had done IOT classes too. Where Python was used in vast scale. Although c and c++ was also there.
So bottom line of these long speech was… it is always about priority why do u want to learn that language because every language has it’s own kingdom.
P.s- C++ is still my favourite on competitive coding platform.

Hope this helps :wink: