Best Linux distro for competitive programming and development

I want a new linux distro for competitive programming and general usage. I was using ubuntu 20.04 LTS . I want to change to another linux distro, please recommend a distro.
what i need:
easy installation of softwares like vscode, geany and vim(easy installation of apps).
good UI.
Not too hardcore on mid end average laptop.

Why do you wanna shift though ?

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with time ubuntu failed to multitask or even perform general tasks and I want to try something new

for example?

like new GUI or something .but the main cause of leaving ubuntu was it becoming slow withing months

Slow? I have been using ubuntu since the last 1.5 years and never faced any such problem. There must be something wrong with your system.

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You can try Linux mint ,since i am using it from last 1 year.

Every distro have an easy app installation when you get a hang of it.

If you are just looking for change in look and feel, you might just install another desktop environment ( or tilling window manager) without changing your whole operation system (Ubuntu 20.04).
You are currently using Gnome Desktop environment which comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 20.04.
My suggestion is to go for kde plasma (i_love_it :wink: ).

If you are looking for light weight linux distro, there are plenty to choose from like plain arch linux .

Linux environment of some well known CPer’s:-
Errichto - Ubuntu 18 LTS
ecernwala - i3 ( tilling window manager) + plain Arch linux.

And you should join reddit community for any linux related question. They are really helpful.


For great UI you could go for Garuda linux also, it provide many flavours alongwith lightweight options also present and is backed by a responsive community

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I have been using arch linux for more than a year now, it is lightweight and great for programming. If you are willing to spend time to configure it, it is the best.

yes, plus most of its developers are Indians.

Definitely try out MX Linux and Manjaro.
I have been distrohopping a lot and found these two perfect for me…
Among these also, I use MX (XFCE) more frequently as it is debian based and I find it’s commands easier to understand and remember!

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