Best online safe and secure IDE for Competitive Programming?

i wanna know best online ide for cp which is safe and can be used in contests.

You can use codechef ide. Its safe.

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it is too slow and can’t be used during contests like cookoff and lunchtime like contests where there is cost of every single second.

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Hackerearth ide or codechef ide u can switch between these two according to contest.
I tried many one like gfg/ideone/jdoodle etc. but approx all of them have some problems like (indentation,privacy issue,losing code after refresh(hectic one)).

is gfg safe ?

I currently use jdoodle.
Never use ideone, unless you are extra careful.

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@believer Yes , You can use gfg . It won’t erase your code even if you refresh the site . was the best before it got shut down, Codechef and GFG are very slow during contests. Currently I’ve been using jdoodle, It has a nice UI [After clicking the “box” button], and it is fast and secure, But the code isn’t saved.


Setup Sublime Text for Competitive.Its fast and great

1 Like Repl is one of the best Online IDE. Best one for Competitive programming.

Use CP editor. I don’t know why people don’t use it. Although it’s offline, it’s fast and sooo convenient.

Yeah, I also use an editor, namely “Sublime Text”. Along with that I use the MinGW Compiler. Offline editors help you the most when you are in some contest and the load on the IDE is really high.

if u refresh it then everything get cleared :frowning:

is it safe using gfg in ongoing contests ?

Yes, but actually i never had the need to refresh the page.
It is always responsive (in times of TLE, RE etc also) .
I don’t recommend using GFG or Codechef IDE as they tend to slow down during contests.

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I also used it earlier but during TLE i had to kill the running process as it does not terminate by itself.
How do you solve this issue btw ?

Yeah, that’s the only disadvantage I face in it. What I do is that whenever I find some random error, I just go onto the CC IDE and check it out there. But yeah, this doesn’t help me during the contests.

Well now it won’t be a problem.