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Floracasy - A Web App for Learners

Here are a couple of blogs written by me. I’d be more than happy if you consider visiting the platform & joining it up :slight_smile:

It’s live on

  1. p5 JS: P5 JS | The Absolute Beginning to Programming World - Floracasy

  2. JavaScript

  3. [Interview Prep] First Order, Higher Order, First Class Functions - Floracasy

  4. The Good & Bad about Flutter Development - Floracasy

  5. HTML + CSS

  6. Make your websites faster with One Line Hack! - Floracasy

  7. One Robust SQL ORM Library for Node JS - Floracasy

  8. From Command Line to Web App - Floracasy

This Hobby project was built to help share the knowledge & also to help support your writings by paying almost the entire adsense revenue to the writer itself.

I’d love to hear your feedbacks! Thank you all :slight_smile:

Install Instructions:

For WEB:
Just tap on the install prompt (in app or the provided by the browser)

For Android:
Ideally You should be getting an install banner, If not, then you can tap on the chrome’s more option & add it to home screen

For iOS: Open Safari, Tap on the Share Button (the middle icon in the bottom nav) & tap on Add to Home Screen


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Added: Technical Interview Question Answers of CGI for Freshers of SQL - Floracasy