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THIS is the best source to learn java for beginners as well as everyone who want to master java language. Durga sir is a java pioneer and has very good command on the language. He teaches so good that onece you have started learning from him you will get addicted to it. Unlike many other online courses he teaches everything in very detail with very good examples and you will never forget the concept once you have learned from Durga sir.

After finishing the series I linked above you can watch this series also. Beginners should watch the series in the order given below. People who have basic idea can watch the series acc. to there relevance.

  1. Operators and assignment
  2. Declaration and access modifier
  3. Lang package
  4. Collections framework(very important for competitive programming.)
  5. OOPs concepts
  6. Multi Threading
  7. Data Hiding and Encapsulation

you can site there you tube channel for other series also.

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Dietel series “Java - How To Program” seems to be more useful in learning Java oops based and development base programming…

“How to program” series seems to be more helpful in learning many programming languages from zero level to something optimal… and rest relies on practice and experience…

You can also checkout other options also but in my case this book seems useful…
I would prefer Hardcopy rather than going for softcopy… (Just a preference)

Hi Guys thanks for sharing useful resources to learn java.I also refer few programming portals to learn java.
Check this—

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Any video tutorial?

You can take a look at my highly practical, in-depth online Java course on Udemy. It’s been one of their top 3 Java courses since its release in 2016 and student’s range from absolute beginners to Java professionals with several years of experience. It currently has over 6k students from over 120 countries with an average rating of 4.6 from over 1000 reviews.

The course starts from very basics and covers all the advanced stuff like design rules & best practices and will take you to the level of a solid mid-level engineer by the end of the course. The course is inline with the sound advice that is given in this quora answer ( by Scott Danzig. As the title says, goal is to build complete engineers right out-of-the-box and not just teach the core language features. I took on this project after working with some really good engineers who graduated from top schools and who worked at companies like Google and were still struggling to write well-designed code. You can watch the intro video to understand what the course offers and also “why” the course was created when there are tens of thousands of really good online & offline sources. You can also check out the reviews and preview videos before signing up. All the best!!


I can advice one amazing Java basics free online course.