Best Resources to Start with 3-Dimensional DP?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to learn DP from geeksforgeeks . In a coming interview I am told to practice some problems related to 3-Dimensional DP.

Request you to please provide some useful links to start grasping the concept and solve the related problems.


Actually, there is no such thing to practice as 3D Dp,4D Dp, etc. It all depends on the factors which change which you calculate the answer for the next subproblem. It would be better if you solve tougher DP problems. For higher dimensional dp problems, take a look at digit dp.


Thanks for suggesting. I was looking for some basic concepts to grasp before starting the problem solving. It would be great if you could share some links/resources.

mindblowingDPproblem with beautiful editorial

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Thanks a lot for sharing it is quite infromational.

Start with Aditya Verma DP tutorial on youtube it will help you with basics

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Sure. Thanks for suggesting it is the best.

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