Best way to learn c++ 4.3.2 pre defined functions ?


What is the best way to learn all the c++ 4.3.2 pre defined functions and the header files ?
Or Just the most used inbuilt functions and their header files ?

Thank you. this is the best website i know. it has all the stuffs that you will need.
hope you got it :slight_smile:

The best way to learn would be to practice, and ask the difficulties (if any).

Look at others’ code and implement the built-in functions used in that code yourself in different scenarios.

sort, lower_bound, max_element, find are some common STL functions.

These things reside on your finger tips once you practice a lot.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think you want to learn C++11, which is the latest standard of the C++ language. The C++ 4.3.2 that you see here at codechef just represents the version number of the GCC compiler.

Thanks a lot. Will do it. :slight_smile: