Better Ranking mechanism

Code chef please try to rank in an ongoing contest on the basis of the amount of time taken to solve a particular problem from the start of time when programmer starts to see the problems not when the actual contests start. For example Cook off started at 9:30 but I started solving problems at 10 pm and solved the problem in one minute and another programmer started at 9:30 and solved the same problem till 10 pm took 30 minutes and as per your approach of ranking the second programmer will get a better rank then the first one. There is a bug in your ranking mechanism. And If you care that someone might have got the problems without logging in then can we solve that problem also we must think it to go in an impartial manner.

Instead of changing the whole rating mechanism, why don’t you just start when the contest starts…
And btw how do Codechef knows that what you state is correct ie you started 30 min late,
The problems can be seen by everyone once the contest has started.


I dont think that it will be fair because people will be able to see the problems at any time and will login when they will feel that they are ready with solution.

Read this:

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Problem Solved, Next!


Just curious… How?