BEX-Runtime error

whats the reason for runtime error in my code??..its running correctly on ideone…pls help out…
here is the link:


Did you test your code? I tried first case and it failed…

20 a
0 b
10 c

Try this case also , it fails here also ,
I checked on Ideone also

9 english
2 mathematics
8 geography
5 maths
7 zoology
3 graphics
8 maths
7 english
9 botany

Gives runtime error

You are not updating ‘k’ in your code which is to track the total number of books currently in the stack , i guess .
There may be other mistakes in your code , but this one is definitely there.


Also there is one obvious logical error .

After the removal of some number of book above and including the minimum , the new minimum will be in books left apart from the books that may get added further . You can’t just update new minimum on the basis of current minimum and the number just added .

Say you have
3 maths
5 science
2 english
8 zoology

after english is removed , if i add “9 botany” and then remove by giving “-1” then you should pop out maths .


thanks a lot for ur suggestions but now according to me, i have made the correct code with all the changes and its giving correct answer on my sets of input…but on codechef again wrong answer…pls help out…

you dont have to add books with zero exercises to pile !

I was trying out this problem:

I dont understand why I am getting Runtime error.
I had the same approach as in the editorial.

Please can anyone provide me some testcase which is causing SIGSEV??


@vineetpaliwal…thanks i got the mistake in my code …:slight_smile:

@betlista …thanks…but nw i m getting wrong answer…pls check out…


@anuraganand…but now also it is givin wrong answer…check out:

What if top =0 ?
You are still using prev min value
Add this statement
if(top==0) min=lim;

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@anuraganand again wrong answer…