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Author: Amrutansu Garanaik , Abhishek Patnaik

Tester: Keshow Sablaka, Amit Das

Editorialist: Amrutansu Garanaik , Amit Kumar Sahu

Difficulty :


Problem :

Given n numbers, multiply all the numbers modulo 10^9+7.


The problem can be easily solved using modular arithmetic.

(a X b) % MOD = ((a % MOD) X (b % MOD)) % MOD

We need to use a result variable initialized to 1 and multiply each value one by one and on each
multiplication, find the result % MOD and store it in result.

result = result X number

result = result % MOD

One thing to remember is, the range of numbers is upto 10^16. So if the previous content of the
variable result is high (say 10^8) and we multiply it with 10^16, the result will be 10^24 causing
overflow and a Wrong answer verdict. So, initially, take the modulo of each number and then start
multiplying it. See setter solution for implementations.