BINADD Addition

My code is passing the stress test on local machine but on code chef i am getting WA.
What can i do?

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You debug and try again.

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Doing it from yesterday but not getting any error.

You are probably missing some test scenario , I have been stuck at a problem for 2-3 days now ,This is also part of learning I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah this happened with me also. Turns out I used the wrong algorithm.Today I got it accepted.

Ok i will try.Thank you.

Thank you.

Same problem bro its hiiting my mind for two days still i stuck at this problem


why do you have more test cases?

It’s from CHEFRAN lul

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It’s a different question , CHEFRAN .

Yes :sweat_smile: , I figured out the test case I am going wrong at , but not yet able to implement a new solution to tackle it :sob:

Yeah. I liked the problem very much.

Yea i face the same problem too…its working fine in the local machine but not in the editor can someone help :confused:

Lets discuss all this stuff after contest ends. Such threads can quickly become discussion threads, hence closed temporarily.