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Hello dear Problem-Solver,
i solved the Problem BINXOR for small values but still have Problems with larger values.

My Formula for finding the possibilities for one set of bits is:

ElementCount! / CurrentSetBitOnes! * CurrentSetBitZeros!

This Formula works. But:

ElementCount! % mod / (CurrentSetBitOnes! * CurrentSetBitZeros!) % mod

doesn t work.

How do i have to Change the Formula to get correct answers with using mod ?

Check out this -
It will help.

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Hey guess what, i also faced the same problem and got wrong answer for the first time i submitted the answer. Then i found out the mistake. So you need to find the modular inverse of the denominator and then multiply with the numerator. This will work!


Modulo like that is only valid for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
For division modulo, you have to use inverse modulo or division modulo that you can find here -

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Thank you !