BINOFEV Video Solution

I attempted to make a video solution for BINOFEV as the official solution has not appeared yet. Here it is:

Comments, questions, requests, criticism, are all welcome!


Thanks man!

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Yayy I was waiting for this. Thanks man!
Good to have a 7 star helping the community


If you would’ve shown some code, it would have been icing on cake🙂

His code is linked in video description on youtube

@tmwilliamlin How did you solve case when p = MOD - 1.
so, when computing (p^rn - 1) / (p^r - 1) it gives wrong value with multiplicative inverse. like (140/ 35) % 7 = 4 but with multiplicative inverse it is 0.

If p^r %M = 1 then the sum is simply N+1.


Such a nice gesture to help codechef commmunity from 7* coder !!!
Your video was very helpful.

Which is possible only when p=1 and p =MOD-1(r is even)…

Please provide some solution for scoring pairs…

If you search through my CodeChef Discuss profile or my YouTube channel then you can find APAIRS solution as well.



Can you also make a general video on how intermediates/beginners can improve in Cp, like what strategy to follow,etc.

It will be helpful to the community :slight_smile:

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As I am aware, there is no way of practicing that is much better than another. If I were to make a video, it would be full of general tips which can already be found everywhere, and really, the amount of practice is the only thing which matter a lot.


Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

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