BIT Codejam

Is it possible to submit problems from BIT Codejam contest?

UPD. I discovered that for most contests like BIT Codejam problems go here. However, I see that for some last contests they are not there. what is the reason?

You have to wait for a while. They are not added there immediately. After some time ( probably 1 or 2 days ), they will be added .

I’ll show you an easy way to find them.

Lets take one of the problems Doge vs Cate. It’s url is

Now, what you do is remove the contest name, in other words BTCJ2015/ from that url, and it will then take you directly to the link where you can submit it. But if it doesn’t , that means the problem has not yet been added.

As you can see, the link fails, which means it is not yet added.

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This contest is over but I want to submit solution for this problem. Why can’t I?