Bit Masking Tutorials

Hello guys,

Currently I am writing about Bit Masking on my blog. Today I have published first part of this series.

I have covered following topics in first part :-

  • Introduction to Bit Manipulation

  • Applications of Bit Manipulation

  • Basic Introduction to Bit Masking

  • Solving subset sum problem

Here is the link to first part :- Introduction to Bit Masking

Edit :- I have published second part of Bit Masking + dynamic programming tutorials. I have solved a problem using
Bit Masking and DP and also showed how it makes implementation easier.

Here is the link to second part :- Bit Masking + Dp Part 1

Thank you and Happy Coding!


It’s actually quite good, I brushed up my basics of bit-masking
You should keep some simple problems too for solving.
It can prove quite helpful for them rather than directly giving them dp question + knapsack algorithm…:slight_smile:

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Sure! I will add more basic problems.

done bro:-)

Can you suggest some problems on codechef where I can practise this topic?

@asharammeena18 Thanks a lot for such a nice explanation. Could you please tell how to host site like you have created. Is it paid one service to host your site and how did you create this.?
Please reply me I am a college student and want to build something like this for college.
Kind regards.

here is a very basic dp + knapsack problem (in case you are interested).

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I used bluegeekhosting for hosting and made the website using wordpress.

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Solve some of these problems and you will be comfortable with bitmasking

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Nice One Man!!! Keep Going :grinning: Informative

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