Bit Masking Tutorials

Hello guys,

Currently I am writing about Bit Masking on my blog. Today I have published first part of this series.

I have covered following topics in first part :-

  • Introduction to Bit Manipulation

  • Applications of Bit Manipulation

  • Basic Introduction to Bit Masking

  • Solving subset sum problem

Here is the link to first part :- Introduction to Bit Masking

Edit :- I have published second part of Bit Masking + dynamic programming tutorials. I have solved a problem using
Bit Masking and DP and also showed how it makes implementation easier.

Here is the link to second part :- Bit Masking + Dp Part 1

Thank you and Happy Coding!


It’s actually quite good, I brushed up my basics of bit-masking
You should keep some simple problems too for solving.
It can prove quite helpful for them rather than directly giving them dp question + knapsack algorithm…:slight_smile:

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Sure! I will add more basic problems.

done bro:-)