Bits/stdc++ in sublime text 3

I am using windows os and i search a tutorial on how to set bits/stdc++ in sublime text
But i not find any useful video.

If anyone known how to setup this header file plz help me

bits/stdc++ is a header file. You don’t have to set it!
just write #include<bits/stdc++.h> at the beginning of the code section, as you do with other header files.

But compiler gives me error

Please post the error here. If you are using any other compiler than GNU, it might give some error.

Instead use VS Code it has built in extension of c/c++ which has all header files and is so easy to segregate code using it.

I dont think so, we need to set up bits/stdc++ in sublime to access its headers

If you are asking for percompiling
then go to the folder in which you have stc++.h file and run this command g++ -std=c++17 stdc++.h

If you don’t have stdc++.h file then download it paste it in your bits folder

Yeah, you are right. My bad.

Where do i find bits folder?