BNY Mellon Intern Interview Experience

what they ask you in interview?

Nothing, just what I wrote above, it was quite brief.

Till now i didn’t have interview and waiting for that

They are probably afraid to interview tourist, lol.
But they’ll prolly shoot you a mail Ig or tell you that they won’t.


Same, It was same for me.

What was their reply ? Did they agreed for full time role ?

Still pending. It is on hold.

Well every panelist is not that easy . My interviewer gave me 3 programming questions. First one was on permutation and Combination while second was java implementation but it was too long, cumbersome code for a 1 hr interview (it had linear interpolation , linear extrapolation , etc ) , third was an easy one, it was based on palindrome string. He talked with not more that 2 min …he just gave me 3 programming questions , he neither asked me about my projects nor any technical questions as you suggested . He was not even clearly audible. I don’t know if i will get selected or not.


You have mentioned that your interview is done. Did you got the mail about any further procedure like HR round or anything else. And, whether they have sent the mail about your selection or feedback. Because I have also done with the interview in last week, but no further calls or emails from their side.

I haven’t received any update from their side yet, they asked me for interview slot and after that didn’t reply.

I have also been shortlisted in 1st round from HackerEarth and then it was a telephonic round in which question was to implement a DS to store the objects of purchase order and I have to store a object in that DS,remove a object ,change the fields of the object ,search a object using binary search and sort by heap sort according to date of puchase.
I was qualified in the telephonic round and they have told to wait for 10 days for further process.

So, didja get onsite?

What location you got for onsite interview?

Didja qualify too?

Yes for me also it’s Pune

can you recommend some more sites?

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Did you got the tickets from them for Pune Interview?

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No but they have mentioned in the mail that they will arrange it.

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Till now i didn’t get flight ticket too… They will be giving soon…

Techgig, hackerearth, skillenza

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