BNY Mellon Intern Interview Experience

Job scheduling, Sorting algos, Best sorting algo for large N, Inheritance vs Composition, Do you know Java and C, Brief yourself, Combinational algos, About BNY Mellon, Recursion vs Looping, Print Global & Local variable with same name, Check for palindrome - take input from stdin & explain, Implement fibonacci, Multithreading vs Single Threading and Which one to prefer.


My Interview was today. Please ask if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

It was a nice experience. Quite easy.

The interview seems simple, thanks for sharing.
Are there more rounds btw? And what’s the starting date for the internship?
I got the mail asking me for time slots but they still haven’t given me an interview date yet, sad.


@darkcodernavv How can we apply and whats the process can you please share …??

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I can’t get you! We have already applied. Haven’t we?

I think there maybe a HR round as the last one. I have asked them for a Full Time role. My college doesn’t allow 4-6 Months intern and not even an Intern after the course due to Placement Done.

i haven’t thats why i asked, can i apply now or its closed …??

Closed. It is done. Shortlist and Interview also.

i missed it :no_mouth: anyway can you please tell me how you applied and the process and in future when can i apply …??


You should check Hackerearth, Techgig & Skillenza daily.


what are combinational algos ??

I wasn’t able to give the answer to it, but it is related to Job Scheduling in OS.

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Wow. So the job scheduling that you mentioned earlier, that too is related to os ?
I thought about famous DP problem of job scheduling :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
So Algo questions were cakewalk for a 4star rated programmer ?

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Easier than cakewalk. :slight_smile: I don’t know about that Scheduling & Combinational Algos.


same here till now i didn’t get any update for that

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Update for what? Tell!

Oh, my interview’s done and they said they are “interested in my candidature” and will reach out in 10 or so days.

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congrats! do you get it in feedback?

No, they sent me a mail the next day.

what was in the mail??