Bomb droper game

any body give mathematical solution for this and code Let us suppose you are making a program for Army, to make an air strike on
terrorist groups.
Army will input the list of camp location in your program :
Like camp A (x: 22.33, y: 99.9) and its radius 10
So camp will look like a circle on map:
Further Army will also Input the bomb Energy which can be used for airstrike :
The bomb can destroy things in a circular pattern so input for a bomb will be like ( radius = 20 )
Now the constraint here is that you can only use the bomb once, so you need to find the
coordinates of the bomb explosion so that it can cause maximum disaster.
Input -

  1. List of camps along with radii
  2. Bomb energy radius
  3. Origin of the bomb
  4. Name of Camps which got destroyed in the bomb explosion