Book Suggestion

Hey guys,
Can someone suggest me some good books on data structures and algorithms and also on C++ STL.

cp3 by felix halim

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why don’t you just read about those topics online?


bro can you advice me how to be thorough to that book.I am is like to read one page of another chapter … so on and stuck in the middle plzz help me out .
one general question are you a school or college student .

Data Structures Using C by Reema Thareja.

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I would rather have most of it in a single place than waste time searching for proper places to read it.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you, will give it a try.

Some of online available books
  • GeeksForGeeks
  • CP algorithms
  • Youtube

I read that I don’t think so that is compatible for beginners.

I will personally recommend online resources including codeforces/codechef blogs and topcoder tutorials.
You can give a try to This this is a minimal handbook.


For deep theoretical understanding of Algorithm CLRS is best.
For algorithm design check “Algorithm Design” by Skiena.
For specially competitive programming “Competitive Programmer’s Handbook” and
For online is top notch resource.

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Thanks everyone.
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