Break-The-Server contest experience

It was a nice contest… I wasn’t able to see the questions for the first 5 mins… But I didn’t experience any server problem during submissions…


Yes, absolutely no server issues, except for that minor glitch(?) in the beginning. Overall, it was nice, better than before.

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The participation was very low though. Only 1961 people participated whereas in January Lunchtime participation was 10,985

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Nope I don’t think so , bcz if number of users are more then surely there server cause issues…like after click on submit button automatically logged out and all

That could be a possible reason. It’s like a catch 88(4 times painful), to test if your servers are okay, you need to host an unrated contest. But if you do that , few people will participate in it, and then it goes downhill.

But I am not able to see the successful submission after contest ends
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Yaa me too…I have to see 3rd no solution :confused: