Browse all problems of a contest again?

All Problems are moved to the practice section post the contest completion. How to browse all the problems contest-wise? Suppose that Recently April cook-off contest completed. Now I want to browse all problems of that contest only. I know that these are available in the practice section. But I want all the problems of April cook-off at a place as we get during the contest. I am a beginner.
Please guide. Thanks in Advance.

Generally, all practice problems contain tags of the contest in which they appeared, like if some problem is part of April 19 long its tag will be APRIL19, now knowing the tag you can open the contest page as the format is same for every contest

and check all the problems which appeared in the contest and also submit their solutions.

note: make sure to enter the contest tag in all caps

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On upper side of page there is compete tab option right side to the practice tab there is drop down list has option all contest in that you will find past contest which all are recently over contests pages. and you also know about the coming contests. :+1:

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