Brutal-Xor Issue

Issue:- Failing sub-task 2 and 4th
Problem Link: Contest Page | CodeChef
Solution Link : Solution: 55072068 | CodeChef

Don’t use log2(N), it causes precision issues. Corrected Solution Link

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Thanks :slight_smile:
But Why it causes a precision issue and how can we figure out if some predefined
function will make a precision issue

i myself got WA form pow() ,size() and __gcd() functions
be careful
for __gcd() and pow() define your own function
for size() always first store it in a variable or typeCast (int) or (ll)

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i can’t understand why we use modular operator in answer like( and % mod). actually i watched the utube video also but he didn’t explained why we do so

% means normal modulo operation but mod means they declared a variable mod whose value is 1e9+7