BSTMAX - Editorial

Prerequisites :- Binary Search Trees, BinaryTree traversal.

Problem :- Given a binary search tree, find the maximum/largest node in it.

Solution Approach :- The solution uses the property of a binary search tree where the rightmost node in the tree is the maximum/largest node. Therefore, to find the maximum value in the BST, you need to traverse down the right subtree until you reach the rightmost leaf.


    1. Start from the root of the BST.
    1. Loop down to find the rightmost leaf of the BST.
    1. The rightmost leaf represents the maximum/largest node in the BST.
    1. Return the value of the rightmost leaf.

Time complexity :- O(h), where h is the height of the BST, if the tree is skewed, the complexity can go upto O(N).

Space complexity :- O(1), as no extra space is required.