Bug in April18 ratings update



@admin Again posting it. https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/124629/fixedbug-in-cook92b-ratings-
Same issue still persist. Original question is closed so I cannot comment there. Today I saw something unusual. First page was updated because My rating Increased to 5 star so I took its screenshot. But Then issue is back. Please check time in 2 screenshots. Also my 4 star page shows highest rating 2016. But I have not suffered a rating loss after April18A.
alt text alt text


It seems that somehow rating changes for APRIL18A got reverted when ratings for APRIL18B were calculated. This can explain why I see a -77 rating change on the ratings page whereas it should be +77, and similar case for other Div 1 users.


Seems fixed now.


Pinged @admin about this. There is a long queue of ratings to get updated. And some cases to consider, eg- If after long you go from Div2 to Div1, should the Div2 contest which took place then be rated for you? &etc.


@admin Another bug. Here. I can also see my earlier ratings on https://www.codechef.com/ratings/all?filterBy=Institution%3DIndian%20Institute%20of%20Technology%20Kanpur&itemsPerPage=40&order=asc&page=2&sortBy=global_rank and a drop of 135 points.


Yes, It’s fixed now.