Bug in Codechef

For the problem Contest Page | CodeChef same solution at first results in TLE then Correct Answer.
Why is this happening? Is this a bug on codechef?

Solution Link:


bug no on codechef. codechef on bug


Same happened with me…today’s lunchtime was a total mess


same happened with me

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this is not bug, execution time can change by ± 5% depending on load of server


Hey, even i also think there was some bug.
See this code : Solution: 48199198 | CodeChef (RTE)
and see this code : Solution: 48199198 | CodeChef (AC)
Only difference is that I changed the size of vector v from nm to nm+1 … but i have to take input till n*m-1 index only. I don’t know why this happened.

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And because of this I had wasted almost 30 to 45 minutes in changing logic and language but reault was same. :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:


Btw what was the time complexity of your code? RealBin problem’s time constraint was fine if you used the correct logic.


that your problem. what participlants can do ? if your server having problem then why you conduct contest? i am facing these codechef server problem by last 2 yrs. when will you peple fix it?

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I submitted 18 times in c++ it was getting TLE at 19th time it got accepted without changing. What a bizzare this system is!!:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Man there was a bug definitely! I tried to submit a solution that did not contain any logic ( to verify whether there was a bug or not), just inputs from user and submitted it (in java)…still I was getting TLE… :cry:

It TLEd for me for a o(1) logic ;__; (power of 2 with bit check)

it is same for cf and cc

lamest excuse bro .but u need to keep in mind how that effects coders .

today they wasted time .

from tomrrow they will keep on submitting tle solution again and again hoping that will pass .

if this is such an obvious and expected behavior then u should have considered time limits based on this

I was also giving contest. It is the real reason. I am not telling any excuse

In codeforces there is an instant plagarism checking then why not on codechef. If you are comparing codechef with codeforces then do it properly.

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yup i also got tle even for o(logn)

I have a question if thats the problem then why not increase time constartion by 5% for these type of questions.

you cannot escape codechef @sebastian answer these